Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Scientific Award Recipients

Cronin Award - Early Achievement

The Cronin Award is named for Dr. L. Eugene Cronin, Sr., the first president of ERF and a significant contributor to estuarine science and our organization. This award recognizes the significant accomplishments of an estuarine scientist who is in the early stages of his/her career development. The recipient will have shown great promise with work carried out during the first six years past the PhD.

1997    Samantha Joye, University of Georgia

1999    Bradley Eyre, Southern Cross University

2001    Jaye Ellen Cable, LSU

2003    Lisa Lucas, USGS

2005    Peter Raymond, Yale School of Forestry

2007    Elizabeth North, HPEL, University of Maryland

2009    Malcolm Scully, Old Dominion University, VA

2011    Isaac R. Santos, Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia

2013    Robinson "Wally" Fulweiler, Boston University

2015    Autumn Oczkowski, US Environmental Protection Agency

Odum Award - Lifetime Achievement

The Odum Award is named for the three outstanding ecological scientists in the Odum family: Dr. Howard T. Odum; Dr. Eugene P. Odum; and Dr. William E. Odum, III. This award recognizes the lifetime achievements of an outstanding estuarine scientist whose sustained accomplishments have made important contributions to our understanding of estuaries and coastal ecosystems.

1997    Donald Pritchard, Johns Hopkins University

1999    John Teal, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

2001    Lawrence Pomeroy, University of Georgia

2003    Scott Nixon, University of Rhode Island

2005    John Hobbie, Marine Biological Lab

2007    Grace Brush, Johns Hopkins University

2009    Walter Boynton and Michael Kemp, University of Maryland System Center for Environmental Science (CES)

2011    Hans W. Paerl, Institute of Marine Science, UNC-Chapel Hill

2013    Ivan Valiela, Marine Biological Laboratory

2015    Joy Zedler, University of Wisconsin

Pritchard Award - Physical Oceanography Paper

This award was established to honor Dr. Donald W. Pritchard, whose insightful research on the physical dynamics of coastal systems set the stage for much of the research in physical oceanography that is being conducted today. The Pritchard Award recognizes the author(s) of the best physical oceanography paper published in Estuaries and Coasts within the two-year interval between CERF conferences.

W. Rockwell Geyer, Jonathan D. Woodruff, and Peter A. Traykovski, WHOI.

Parker MacCready, University of Washington, Seattle

Lisa Lucas, USGS, Menlo Park; D.M. Sereno, UC Berkely; J.R. Burau, USGS, Sacaramento; T.S. Schraga, USGS, Menlo Park; C.B. Lopez, NOAA, Silver Spring; M.T. Stacey, UC Berkeley; K.V. Parchevsky, Stanford U., Stanford; and V.P. Parchevsky, Inst. Biol. Southern Seas, Ukraine

Jon French, University College London; Helene Burningham, University College London; Thomas Benson, HR Wallingford Ltd, Oxon, UK

Stephen G. Monismith, Stanford University; James L. Hench, Duke University; Derek A. Fong, Stanford University; Nicholas J. Nidzieko, University of Maryland; William E. Fleenor, University of California, Davis; Laura P. Doyle, University of California, Davis; S. Geoffrey Schladow, University of California, Davis

Neil K.Ganju, U.S. Geological Survey; Melanie Hayn, Cornell University; Shih-Nan Chen, National Taiwan University; Robert W. Howarth, Cornell University; Patrick J. Dickhudt, USGS; Alfredo L. Aretxabaleta, USGS; and Roxanne Marino, Cornell University.

Jennifer Hansen, University of Virginia; Matthew Reidenbach, University of Virginia. 

William A. Niering Outstanding Educator Award

To recognize the central role that education plays in achieving the objectives of our society, the Federation's Governing Board established an award named for a leader in estuarine education, Dr. William A. Niering. The Award is for an individual who has played a particularly important role in education at any level -- from primary school to the graduate level, inside or out of the classroom, or in the education of the general public through outreach activities.

2001    Joy Zedler, University of Wisconsin

2003    John Day, Louisiana State University

2005    Ivan Valiela, Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole

2007    Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia, Institute of Ecology A.C., Mexico

2009    Scott WarrenConnecticut College

2011    Linda Walters, University of Central Florida

2013    Paul Montagna, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

2015    Dr. Peggy Fong, UCLA