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Engagement with the broader scientific community to foster deeper scientific understanding and communication of scientific knowledge to the general public, the media, public officials, and other decision makers is of high importance to CERF. As we are active in making progress and invovled with advocacy efforts on behalf of the scientific community, we will share documents and other news. If you have valuable information to share with CERF and it's members, please contact

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CERF Media Releases

1,500 Scientists to Explore Grand Challenges in Coastal and Estuarine Science in Portland at CERF 2015

CERF Signs in Support of America COMPETES Act

Other News

CASS Writes Letter to President-Elect Trum | December 2, 2016

Phones & Drones Monitor El Niño Impacts for a Picture of the Future | January 13, 2016

Wisconsin Wetlands Association's 21st Annual Conference: February 23-25, 2016 in Green Bay, WI

Living Shorelines: The Space Where Engineering Meets Science | October 6, 2015