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Subtidal Circulation in San Quintin Bay, Mexico, a Mediterranean Coastal Lagoon
Author(s) Durazo, Reginaldo, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California
Flores, Xavier, UABC-Facultad de Ciencias Marinas
Souza, Alejandro J., Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
Camacho, Victor F., UABC - Instituto de Investigaciones Oceanológicas
Type Oral
Session SCI-059 - Hydrodynamics of Tropical and Subtropical Semi-enclosed Systems
Time & Place Wednesday, 2:15 PM in BR D (RICC) (subject to change)
San Quintin Bay in NW Mexico is a Y-shape, vertically homogeneous coastal lagoon, with practically no fresh-water runoff. Measurement campaigns in 2004 and 2005 used bottom mounted and underway ADCPs to profile ocean currents at the main entrance and along the secondary entrance on each of the two interior channels. Over the inner bays, a two layer residual circulation was observed, a wind favorable (towards the entrance) upper layer and a bottom layer in the opposite direction, closely linked to persistent along-shore winds. Under weakly winds, the surface layer dissipates and the bottom layer occupies the whole water column. The two layer rapidly returned with the wind. At the entrance, inflow was always present with a clear intensification during springs. Underway measurements along a cross-channel transect showed that inflow is mostly restricted to the deepest portion of the channel near the entrance, while outflow was limited to the shallow edge. A 3D numerical model (POLCOMS) was used to reproduce the observations and to study the response of inner waters to various wind forcings.