Fixing Estuaries and Coasts: A Tribute to Scott Nixon Keynote Presentation

Closing Keynote Speaker, Dr. Carlos Duarte's presentation is available for download,

"Fixing Estuaries and Coasts: A Tribute to Scott Nixon"

Speaker: Dr. Carlos Duarte, Instituto Mediterráneo de Estudios Avanzados - IMDEA, Departamento de Investigación del Cambio Global, Esporales, Islas Baleares, España.  

Description: Rapid development of coastal watershed along the 20th Century led to a widespread deterioration of Estuarine and Coastal waters, involving a range of connected pressures, such as eutrophication, hypoxia, ocean acidification, and warming. Hubris of society and a confidence in technological fix allowed pressures to escalate beyond the boundaries recommended by the precautionary principle in the implicit belief that we could fix these problems whenever we decided to do so. Yet, efforts to revert this deterioration have been met with modest success, challenging our confidence in our capacity to return coastal ecosystems to their original status. Rather than avoiding problems we chose to try to fix them. I provide examples of the time scales involved in the response of coastal and estuarine ecosystems to deliberate attempts to improve their status, the outcomes of these efforts and the underlying mechanisms accounting for successes and failures to introduce elements of pragmatism in restoration science.