The Return of Club CERF at CERF 2017

Tuesday, 7 November     |     7 PM - 10 PM     |     Regular: $45    Students: $25
*Price includes round trip transportation, entertainment, food, one drink ticket, and free parking for local attendees


It’s Tuesday, part way through the CERF 2017 Conference. You’ve been diligent and attentive through field trips, workshops, plenary sessions, poster sessions, oral presentations, and the CERF Business meeting. Your mind is abuzz with thoughts about climate change and our coasts, what is happening to water quality in our estuaries, and what we really need to tell our resource managers. You still haven’t seen your colleague from grad school or the person you shared a lab with until they moved to the west coast. You’ve been inside the Rhode Island Convention Center for days and your back is getting stiff from sitting. You’ve been reminiscing with friends about the great time you had the last time CERF was in Providence in 2007. But all of that isn’t just a memory… it’s time to return to Club CERF! For those of you who weren’t around for the last Club CERF, you're in for a treat.

Any time from 6:45 pm onward, catch the CERF Shuttle Bus at the Convention Center and head over to the new Snookers at 53 Ashburton St. – CERF is taking it over for the night! There you will find a buffet of tacos, wings, pizza, dips, cheeses, veggies, fruits, and desserts. Use your coupon for a beer or glass of wine. Check out the big video screens in the dining room and see what surprises you might find from CERF and the affiliates. Browse the various rooms in the nightclub to mingle with fellow CERF attendees. Find a quiet spot in a booth to talk and catch up with friends.

But don’t just talk – play pool – we will have 15 pool tables in three rooms where you can challenge your friends and impress your colleagues. Whether you have never played pool or if you hone your skills at every opportunity, there will be plenty of tables to cue up some fun! Gather past and present members of your lab to play together. Get federal employees and academics together and see what happens. The home team, Team NEERS, will take on any or all CERF affiliates for bragging rights until CERF 2019. Though they will have friendly competition from Team PERS from Club ERF ’07, then composed of Neil Ganju, Ted DeWitt and the late Bob Emmett, who won that year’s Pool Challenge. Neil says the new team will be taking on challengers also!

At 8 pm, you can keep playing pool, or get ready to start dancing and listening to the music. And not just any dancing, but dancing to the CERFtones.  These talented musicians, all with day jobs in science, play a diverse song list of old favorites and new tunes that are perfect for a dancing and fun-seeking crowd. There will be a number of dance challenges, including dancing like an estuarine organism, last time won by former CERF President Linda Schaffner.

When the band is taking a break, the music doesn’t stop because that will be the time for the CERF Open Mic Challenge. So rehearse your song, practice your juggling techniques, or whatever skill you want to show your CERF peers. We already know that Club ERF ’07 winners, Kenny Corvette and the Heckettes, will be returning to sing. That act with CERF Past President Ken Heck will be hard to beat!

When you have had enough fun, take the continuously running shuttle back to the Convention Center to prepare for the next morning's sessions.

A club of our own in Providence to catch up with friends and colleagues, with good food and drink, pool tables, music, dancing, open mic opportunity, and transportation – all this for $45 for regular patrons, and $25 for students. That’s a good deal. Tickets are limited, so reserve your space with your conference registration. Don’t miss Club CERF in 2017 on Tuesday November 7 at 7!